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We take pride in giving every client our very best attention. Performances are filmed with a minimum of three cameras from which we complete a professional multi-angle edit of your event, from dance shows and school productions to awards evenings and live music shows. In many venues we now offer stage mounted camera angles too.

We will either meet or call you well in advance to discuss your requirements and make sure we leave you with a product that will capture the hard work and creative thought that made your performance so special and unique.

From rehearsal footage, cast and crew interviews, complex post production capabilities and a DVD production option, Hughes Media Productions can provide a range of possibilities and ideas that will excite both you and your audience with every viewing. Click below to find out more about how we work with you, or for useful information to help you when you have your show filmed.

We offer a simple basic plan which includes 3 camera recording, full post production services and consultation before the event to ensure we can capture the action in the best way possible. DVDs are sold to you at £10.00 each in a printed card sleeve, or £10.50 in a standard DVD case, with no minimum order requirement.  We can also offer the film in full HD on a USB stick with presentation box in some cases.

Schools - Reduced pricing is available for Primary and Secondary school productions allowing schools to offer professional DVDs of their productions to parents and include a mark up to boost school funds without having to charge high prices. Please contact us for more details.

Additional services - Prices are available on request for trailers, interviews, multiple edits or bespoke performances including dance festivals, short productions or charity events.

We understand that budgets for schools, dance schools, amateur societies and similar organisations are limited and we will always do our best to accommodate your requirements at the best possible price with our best attention guaranteed. Should you wish to discuss pricing or bespoke packages, please contact us.

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