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We can provide DVD order forms for you at no extra cost! When you reply to our information email just let us know you'd like them. Then, four weeks before the show we'll need a few things from you, including:

  • Your dance school logo

  • Your show logo and artwork if you have any

  • How many performers are in your show

  • Your address for us to send the forms out to

  • The price you will be selling the DVDs for

You'll get an email copy to check and then the forms will arrive around around two weeks before the show ready to give out at your classes




When to comes to payments, we keep it really simple. You collect the money from parents when they bring their order forms back, then we'll send a single invoice once the DVDs are on their way. Our invoice will be for the quantities you have ordered based on our fixed unit prices. You can include a mark up and charge a little more if you want to, though we'd recommend a maximum of £2.00 mark up on DVDs and not adding anything to the USB price.

You can by by cheque, cash or bank transfer and you don't need to pay until the DVDs are on their way, so as long as everyone has paid you you'll never be out of pocket.

Once you've got your show date confirmed, get in touch with us to confirm your book as soon as possible. We get bookings some way in advance and July and December in particular can be very busy. Check with us to make sure your date is available and then confirm your booking by email so that we can reserve it for you. There's no need for a deposit.


You'll get a reply quickly confirming your booking and we'll ask for some information from you so we can make sure we're fully prepared. Please answer as much as you can, any details that you don't have can always be sent to us at a later date. Have a think about which sort of packaging yo would like, whether you want to offer a 2-disc set if you have multiple shows, if you would like to offer films on USB and whether or not you'll be needing order forms. If you will need a preview copy we need to know at this stage. Where a preview copy is requested we will need a small deposit.


As the show date gets closer, let us know the details of your dress rehearsal. We try to attend for some of it if we can, it helps us to meet your technicians, finalise camera positions and take some footage we may be able to use in the opening section of your film. Before you start to sell tickets, speak to us about camera positions as it may be necessary to reserve some seats to get a good wide shot. If you asked us to arrange DVD order forms they should arrive a couple of weeks before the show. You collect them in and keep them for your records, all we need is final quantities.


On the day of your show we know you'll have enough to think about, so we'll arrive early and get set up quickly. All we need from you on show day is a copy of your programme to help with opening titles, running order and end credits. 


After the show, we will need up to two weeks to complete the edit. We'll send you a few stills as we go so you can see how it's looking. Two weeks after we'll contact you to confirm your final order quantities, it will then be a further two weeks before the DVDs are ready for you. If you requested a preview copy it will be sent to you before the DVDs are duplicated. Once you have confirmed your final quantities, we'll send you an invoice for the total amount. You can pay by cheque, cash or bank transfer, all we ask os that payment is made before the DVDs are delivered.




We offer films on two formats, DVD and USB. You don't have to choose, all the shows we film have the options. Here are a few points to bear in mind.

DVDs are cheaper and, whether you opt for the card sleeve or the plastic case, are a familiar format and a lovely keepsake. The downside is that they can only handle 720p so the image won't look as good as the original film. The technology for DVDs is fast becoming outdated too, with more people no longer owning a DVD player.

USB Sticks come in a presentation box and can play back full HD (1080p) so the image will look good. They are compatible with most devices, but they come at a cost. Because of the memory size needed, they are more than twice the price of a DVD.




Depending on the venue, we use between 3 and 6 different cameras to film your show. The main camera will be at the back and it's best if that's central. That might mean reserving us some seats on the back row, unless there is a space behind the seating that we can film from.

There will be a camera for close up shots which is usually with the main camera, then the others will be in suitable locations around the stage. Where possible, we use overhead or stage mounted cameras for some extra special shots. If you have any particular requirements, please speak to us as early as possible so we can try to accommodate them, though special camera positions will often need consent or access from the venue.

Once you have received your DVDs and distributed them, just enjoy watching the show all over again! If you need extra orders let us know, we can usually arrange them though there may be a small price increase for extra copies. Feel free to send us feedback and please encourage others to do so too. Then, all that's left to do is get in touch when you are ready to arrange your next show!

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