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Please read the terms and conditions carefully. Should you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

1. Videos will be sent via WeTransfer to the email address provided and be available to download for up to four weeks after the upload date. We cannot be certain that videos will be available after that date.

2. Payment must be made in full either via the website or by bank transfer before videos can be sent.

3. A refund will only be given in the event of footage being lost and us being unable to provide the video ordered. In exceptional circumstances a refund may be offered on a pre-order in the event of a no dance.

4. Videos must only be ordered of a dancer with which you are associated or a duet / troupe dance in which they feature. Ordering videos of other dancers or troupes from other dance schools is not permitted. Note - For Move It Shake It Competitions you must use an email address registered with Move It Shake It for the event.

5. You can download the videos as many times as you need and you are free to share them amongst close friends and family. Videos must not be copied for or sent to anyone else.

6. Unless to correct an obvious error, amendments cannot be made to video edits once delivered. If you have an error you would like us to review please contact us by email within 2 weeks of receipt of the video. We are unable to make amendments for issues outside our control (i.e. low volume audio, lighting issues etc.)

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